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Picture Credit: Toby Weller 

Forget Glamping – this is Vintage Camping

 The expression ‘glamping’ doesn’t always sit well with the die-hard camping crowd.

Anna Bingham, director of Lovelane Caravans, based near Helston is certainly someone who is less than keen.

“We are proud to describe ourselves as a vintage camping company,” said Anna. “After all vintage style is timeless.

“The trouble with fashionable terms like ‘glamping’ is it has a short shelf life, as soon as it’s been coined it’s already passed as a fad.”

The company, which manufactures and restores vintage caravans, has recently been awarded a loan from the South West Loans Fund to enable them to increase production and expand the business.

The South West Loans Fund was set up with £3.75m European Regional Development Fund to provide loans finance to businesses with growth potential.

“We initially started restoring vintage caravans, however suitable units are in very short supply and we started running out of original vans that we could restore as demand increased.

“The only option was to build caravans from scratch, using the same designs and production methods as the originals.

“Since being awarded the loan we have produced three new caravans and are now looking to expand the company to other parts of Cornwall.”

The company has a campsite at Roskilly’s Farm near Helston where visitors can rent one of their caravans to experience that true vintage feel. Lovelane Caravans worked closely with Truro based South West Investment Group (SWIG) to secure the £20,000 loan. John Peters from SWIG said: “When we talked to Anna and her partner it was obvious that they had a solid business plan and I know that they will do really well. “The vintage market is expanding and camping is no exception.“People are attracted towards a simpler way of life from a simpler time and Lovelane Caravans capture that perfectly.”

Anna said: “We have already had enquiries about buying reproduction vintage caravans and we are planning to fly the flag for Cornwall at trade shows this autumn.

“We intend to split the workload 50/50 between the rental business and the production and renovations.

“I just hope that we can keep up with the demand that is definitely out there.”

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For more information about Lovelane Caravans visit their website

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