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Hanna Ellis launched her business, Bella’s Boutique in the heart of Bodmin following support and funding via a Start Up Loan from SWIG Finance. The boutique finds vintage and well-built furniture and upcycles both using innovative techniques and paint.

Hanna decided to start her own business when she was a cash strapped new mum on maternity leave and wanted to find ways to update her home décor on a budget. She started running the business from home and approached SWIG Finance for a Start Up Loan when she wanted to invest in local advertising, build up a stock of paint and be able to provide more choices and options for her customers. The loan was also important in setting the repair and decorating workshop to be functional and safe.

SWIG Finance provided Hanna with fully funded business support as part of the scheme, putting her in touch with Graham.

Hanna said: “Graham has been invaluable. He’s honest, concise and a real asset to our business. He helped us establish the areas of the business that needed the most attention in terms of where the business was making money and where we should focus our efforts.

“The greatest piece of advice I have been given is to go the extra mile and customers will never forget it. Be prepared to work very hard and don’t give up!”

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