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The New Year is a fantastic clean-slate opportunity and is often the kick a lot of us need to get going on whatever we’ve been putting off. If you’ve got a business idea and want to get the ball rolling, read our Three finance steps to heaven we wrote for Business Cornwall.

New Year is a time to take stock and plan ahead for the coming year. With a blank sheet on January 1, there’s no better time to put your plans into action.

SWIG Finance has helped 1,250 entrepreneurs through Start Up Loans in five years, of which 300 have been in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, so we know a thing or two about local startup businesses!

Get these three things in place and get your business successfully up and running:


No-one can do everything. Work out what your business needs; who do you know who could help? You may need to buy in professional skills. Speak to other entrepreneurs; its good
therapy and you might learn from other people’s mistakes.


Most of us can’t give up the day job straight away. Can you start your business at weekends and evenings? Can you work part-time while your venture builds up a head of steam? Prove to yourself your business can make money and take the leap to full time self-employment when you can.


Forecast your sales and costs to see if you have a viable plan, and what you need to get it off the ground. How much can you invest yourself?

How much more do you need? If the bank isn’t an option, Start Up Loans provides Government-backed loans and free support to make sure that borrowing money is the right thing for you to do.

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