SWIG Finance is proud to be a founding signatory of the Enterprise Lending Community Development Financial Institution (ELCDFI) Charter of Standards. The Charter has been developed to define the key characteristics of an ELCDFI, as well as our collective mission as part of a national network committed to acting as a force for positive change in the business finance sector.

By signing the Charter, we confirm our commitment to adhering to the 6 principles outlined below, and to promoting these standards across our wider sector.

The Six Principles of the Charter

  1. Supporting inclusive Growth – Using finance to support inclusive economic growth across our areas of operation
  2. Delivering Social and Environmental Impact – Using finance as a positive force, helping to enable wider social and environmental impacts where possible
  3. Removing Barriers to Finance – Remove wherever possible the barriers that communities and individuals have in seeking finance
  4. Being Fair Open & Transparent To be a force for change within the financial services sector, seeking to make finance equitable, fair, open and transparent
  5. Operating to the Highest StandardsOperate to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and fidelity as beacons of best practice and exemplary governance within the financial services sector to which their boards are committed
  6. Using Profits for PurposeTo use our profits/surpluses to further the objects of each of our organisations

About SWIG Finance

Being a CDFI means we are passionate about bringing social and economic benefits to people, places. All profits are reinvested in supporting the small businesses that serve their communities across the South West region. SWIG Finance is wholly-owned by South West Investment Group Ltd., a company limited by guarantee.

For further information visit www.swigfinance.co.uk